thumbnailQuintin Lamon Demps also Known as Q.Demps was born and raised in San Antonio Tx.  As a Child of a single mother who had him at the age of 14, Q promised her that he would become a professional athlete and take care of her one day. In pursuit of making that dream come true Q gave his life to Christ at age 9 but didn’t understand what it meant or had the correct guidance to demonstrate what it looks like to live a life devoted to Faith In Jesus Christ. Even though he gave his life at such a young age his heart or mind was never trained to be different, so he grew up like much of the kids do now a days in a “identity crisis” not knowing who he really was, Q followed anything or anyone that would lead him mainly those in hip hop culture. With great discipline from his mom, grandmother,aunts, uncles etc and the Hand of God being on His life Q did not go astray to the street life like he would have if its wasn’t for his family and Grace. Sports being a outlet for Q he began to find his niche in playing football and was able to earn a football scholarship to the University of Texas at El Paso. Upon arriving at the University after being red-shirted and having tons of times on his hands like he had been doing since he was a teenager Q began to write lyrics and listen to music and that ignited a fire in Q to start a record label where he would be CEO/Artist. Red Shirt Records was a label of young men rapping about money, cars, clothes basically anything that pleases the flesh. However after earning a starting spot the following year Q began to focus on football rather than music, still always writing but not recording. After being released by two NFL teams Q faced with the reality of what he was going to do with his life, he began his Pursuit of Purpose all the while feeling a tug from OUR Father to the ministry, “you sure you want to use me?” Q then felt the Spirit of God leading him to use music,rekindling the fire he had back in college for music but to do it in such a way this time to have a positive influence and win Souls to Christ, but he didnt believe it and ran from it for a while until he finally mustard up the courage to be obedient to the call on his life to minister in the means of entertainment. Humbled and Relying on the Holy Trinity Q has started a Christian Record Label, “Purpose By Faith Music Group” where he is Co-CEO/Artist with OUR Father being head CEO. Today Quintin is a Graduate from the University Of Texas at El Paso with a Bacholers in Liberal Arts and a current player for the Houston Texans and is Married to Kristel Gayle Demps and is a Daddy of three Sir. Kyirn (7) Brooklynn (3) Kamden (1).